Against All Odds (AGU - Book 7) Mobi

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With the Raider threat severely diminished and the Milori Empire crushed, peace finally seems to be on the event horizon. War has kept Admiral Jenetta Carver® from home for twelve years. With the advent of peace, she takes a well-deserved vacation and returns to Earth for a visit before her new duties as Military Governor and Supreme Military Commandeer of Region Two keep her away for more years. She picks up her two sisters on the trip and the three women surprise their mom with the unannounced visit.

Just a week after arriving home, Jenetta receives word that Region Two has been invaded. No war has been declared, and details are sketchy, but Tsgardi Warriors have landed on at least one planet a hundred light years inside the border and begun rounding up, harassing, and in some cases killing the citizenry.