Citizen X (AGU:BP - Book 1) Mobi

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Sydnee Marcola's greatest desire was to join the command of Admiral Jenetta Carver® in Region Two, and in pursuit of that goal, she achieved top grades while at the Academy, and then again in advanced studies at the Warship Command Institute.

So why have the powers that be, chosen to 'waste' a valuable asset by sending her to a 'backwater' command where terminal boredom would appear to be the greatest enemy?

Although exciting at first, only because she has an opportunity to meet a number of alien species she'd only read or heard about on Earth, life aboard the SC light-destroyer Perry soon begins to enter the realm of tedium. But when a Clidepp military destroyer commandeered by rebel forces attack a diplomatic ship in Galactic Alliance space where the Perry is conducting interdiction activities, it's a sure bet that things aren't destined to remain quiet for long.

This new series takes place in the same story universe created for the Best-Selling Space Opera Series - A Galaxy Unknown. Although sharing the same general time frame, the stories occur in different parts of the galaxy and with different casts. There may be occasional cameo appearances by, and references to, cast members of the A Galaxy Unknown series.